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Inside the Borrowers’ House.

hello! I was wondering where you got such a hd background? also, maybe you could check out my new ghibli blog? it's harborvisions c: thank you so much~ you have such a gorgeous blog :D

Hello! Sorry, this message got buried under my asks and I‘m just really really sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Getting hd images is really as simple as a google search. I just searched “arrietty” and clicked the large option and voila!

Sure, your blog is really cute, and I love the simplicity of your theme! I I love your url too, its so serene! Also love how your music player only plays if you click it. Some blogs with surprise automusic really freak me out when i have my volume up too high. Haha but that may just be me.

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When I Turn Around is a posthumously published collection of sketches by Ghibli artist Yoshifumi Kondo. In 1992, Kondo started sketching moments he witnessed during his everyday life. Children sharing secrets in the park, students cycling through the street, teenagers blowing bubbles on the sidewalk, and businessmen posting letters in the rain– these were the sweet incidental moments captured lovingly in hand-drawn sketches.  Kondo, who directed Whisper of the Heart, was expected to become one of the top directors at Ghibli and Takahata and Miyazaki’s eventual successor, but sadly suffered an aneurysm before these plans came to pass.

When I Turn Around can be purchased from Amazon Japan.

I was so overcome with sadness at the gif set "Jiji loses his voice". Kiki's Delivery Service is one of my favorite all time movies. But wasn't it more that Jiji didn't lose his voice perse, but that Kiki was losing her powers? (I still haven't read the book.)

Yeah, I read somewhere (probably a wiki article ha ha) that Kiki and Jiji lose the ability to speak to one another because they are no longer the only ones that the other relies upon, and so that connection is broken. Kiki finds Tombo and Jiji finds another cat. Which is super sad, I think! I know it’s supposed to be a sign of emotional growth but still I’m conflicted, and I wonder if Kiki had known about those implications, whether she would be too.

I think that implication may have been changed in the overseas dub, because in the original Japanese version, at the end of the movie, Kiki and Jiji still aren’t able to communicate, but in the english version they can?

Anyway, I just thought that explanation was too complicated to serve as an addendum to the post, so i opted for the slightly inaccurate but catchier (i suppose?) option.

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Jiji loses his voice.

Can you help me with some good (appropriate) pick up lines related to anything in Studio Ghibli films? :]
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uhm…pick up lines?

…uh gee idk

…how about…


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now I must know, what is your least favorite Studio Ghibli movie?

Uhm, Tales of Earthsea probably. It just wasn’t very…interesting…to me? But I do remember thinking that the villain was pretty ace in that they were both scary and well motivated? I think? I’m not really sure tbh, my memory of it is kind of a blur.

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Which studio ghibli movie is your favorite?
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Howl’s moving castle! For the scenery and the setting and magic and ugh don’t even get me started on how forever in love I am with Sophie and Howl, both individually and as Sophie+Howl.

Ugh I just love those two just so damn much.

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- Will we meet again some time?
- I’m sure we will.
- Promise?
- Promise. Now go, and don’t look back.